Honestly, I am still thinking when did my honey hide made me really really mad? We argued and fought a loooot of times but I don't thin...

He Made Me Really Angry!

Honestly, I am still thinking when did my honey hide made me really really mad?

We argued and fought a loooot of times but I don't think there was an instance that he made me really angry (or maybe i can't remember at the moment..).

I guess He's too good when it comes to arguing coz in the end, most of the time I was the one who feels guilty lol. Whenever we fight, mostly it's because of my temper. I raise my voice and he hates it. It's not that I'm yelling at him, it's just my personality whenever I get into tension or when I reason out over something -- but he sees it the other way, he thinks of it like I was yelling which becomes an argument (ugggg!)

We fight mostly over petty things. After an hour or two of silent treatment, oftentimes, he would make the first move by coming to me and give his right hand so there, instead of shaking hands, Power Hug na lang and then the rest is history....

Sometimes our baby seems to know there's a tension... She has her way of breaking the silence she would show us something new or something amazing that we'd end up talking to each other like nothing happened

Hubby may have some habits that make me annoyed sometimes but that's just it... He would just laugh at me when I scold him --- that's the only time I can scold him like a mom lol.

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  1. Wow, you are also one of those lucky women who found a good hubby who can't make their wives mad, hehehe.. Well, siguro di pa lang time na magagalit ka, but for sure in one stage of your marriage, time will come that you will get so mad, and that is part of a relationship. Sobrang bait lang siguro ni hubby mo na lagi kang pinagbibigyan, kilig ka naman dyan, ahahaha!

    Naku, alam mo bang ang tagal ko ng nag co comment sa mga pictures ni Anzu aba'y hinihingan ako ng DIQUS password ba yun? eh lagi kong na fo forget password ko, this time hindi na, kasi name mo na ang aking password, ahahaha. tagal ko ng gusto mag comment sa mga cute pictures nya eh.. Have a great day to all.

  2. I forgot to mention one thing. You are indeed true, kids can feel the tension between their parents. That's why Rodney and I tried our best to not argue in front of the kids, kasi alam nila if soemthing is not right..and it can be traumatic sa kanilang paglaki..

  3. Ganda naman kayong mag asawa sis, you really know how to handle your anger, and your hubby knows how to handle things plus youare also sweet to surrender the fight lol.

    Ako, pag galit galit, walang sinisino, but pag umiyak na si jake, yan titigil na ako, but still angry though lol.

  4. Hay bait naman ni mister Bamz.. Agree ako kay mommy liz na swerte ka sa kanya... Ejoyed reading the post..


  5. hi there. i had my first official date at the age of 22, i guess. hahaha :) i enjoyed reading this post. btw, where in japan are you? i'm here in gifu. :)

  6. hahahaaa!!magalitin ka pala,Bambie?!!Same here^_^feeling ko kasi na matatalo cya pag tumataas ang boses ko kaya pinapabayaan nya na lang ako lol!

  7. naku, pag galit ako, silent treatment din ako. hihi! most of the time, he makes the first move. if i know i am the one who made a mistake, i make the first move. at totoo bams, pag nafifeel ng babies natin na may tension sa room, they work their charms with us. kaya wala na magawa si mommy at daddy kundi hands down at kalimutan ang away.. parang walang nangyari talaga. hihi!


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