First Crush...

Hmmm this made me think for a lil while coz I don't really remember his name But I was 7 when the first time I thought I was falling In love

All I remember is that he is a tisoy, fil-am. He was my classmate on the first grade in elementary.
I blush whenever I see him infront of me. I became so concious about how I look which wasn't the usual me (coz i really didn't usualy care about my hair, only then... ). I was so quiet whenever he's around lol.. He called me "bungal" and I really felt so bad and embarassed that I pretended to be sick the next day coz I was so shy, I  didn't want him to see me til I get back my front tooth ( i even asked my dad to have me a false tooth).

Looking back, i find myself so funny and yucky


  1. I love this entry, yucky nga ang feeling pag naalala ung kaengotan natin noon no haha

    Make or Break

  2. tinawag kang bungal ng crush mo? kakaasar yon ah.. well, if he could only see you now! haha!

  3. haha! naku 7 years old? ayos maaga ang development mo. hihi..

  4. Bungal? tsk! big mistake. di bale, ang loss niya eh gain naman ni hubby mo. Oh ha???

  5. Nakakatuwa yung anecdote mo tungkol sa first crush mo. Tinawag ka pang bungal, lol. Pag nagbabalik nga yung mga nakakatawang episodes sa buhay natin ay napapangiti na lamang tayo. Ang importante eh we learn to move on after every episode in our lives. Thanks for your girlish post. God bless you all always.

  6. grabe Mommy you were in love at a very young age, haha! Maybe pag nakita ka nya ngayon, ano kaya ang sasabihin nya?
    I like your story Bambie, ang saya pala to recall those early years of life.
    Thanks for the visit. Blessings to you and your Azumi and of course with a proud Daddy.

  7. i read this yesterday at di ako mkamove on sa kakatawa!!! i love ur entry.. as in nakakatwa tlga :) ang kuliiiiiiit hahahaha

    cguro laking sisi ni first crush noh?? look at you now.. belat sya hehehe.

    thanks for joining GT ganda ha.. see you next week ha..

  8. hahaha..love this post! hehe..

    have a blessed sunday!

  9. hahahahaa!!kawawa naman ang first crush mo pag nakita ka nya ngayon!I-uuntog nya ang sarili nya sa pader for sure!!^_^

  10. ha, ha, so funny talaga to remember our first crushes. I am so busy promoting my own contest, that i was not able to make my entry.

    Hope you don't mind, maybe your interested to support in my latest endeavor.

    Thanks, thanks.


  11. hahaha, 7 years old... aga nun momma bams.

  12. Ano na kayang nagyari sa crush mo ngayon? cguro nakapangasawa sya ng bungal.. nyahahha.. joke lng... what goes around, comes around.. hehehe

    salamat sa visit bamz...





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