Just Got Lucky



This year I also received Otoshidama from my old folks here in Japan, my mom's FIL and my MIL. Whatta a lucky thing to start my New Year. I never expected it. How much? Surprisingly alot...

Actually the 4 envelopes are my lil girl's Otoshidama.

お年玉 OTOSHIDAMA, a monetary gift that is given by adults to kids (and not so young) on New Year's day. I think this is also common to many countries like in my homeland Philippines, just a bit different though.

I hope you also had a wonderful thing to start your great New Year...

More updates to come .. that's one of my resolutions this year.



  1. that's common also here but i never received one this haha.. you're lucky!

  2. wow! meron den yan sa chinese di ba?

  3. What a good start. Congrats!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Wow love the monetary content inside the Otoshidama surely it would be a lot. Is Otoshidama is like the red envelope that Chinese also use to give money? My first time to see one like they are very colorful and cute to keep. Thanks for dropping by at my site I do appreciate it. Happy New Year!

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  5. Wow! Can I have one too! hehehe!

    Pinoys don't have specific term for this ...


  6. So, it's like the red envelope during Chinese new year. your li'l princess is one lucky girl!

  7. i think so.. not familiar kasi with chinese culture, kung sa PI, aginaldo naman..

  8. That's a good start for a new year,Bambie.Same here,meron din ako so hurray for us!!\(^0^)/

  9. aha...am sure shopping to the max kau ni baby dolly nyan...hehehe!

  10. wow what a blessing! Sis i received the greeting cards and calendar this afternoon. I love them so much! and very indispensable for me ang calendar. thank you so much! It's one of the best things I have this new year:)Stay blessed.

    Hugs to Azumi!

  11. Thanks for the info bamz.. It's nice to learn things about Japanese culture...


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