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I have to say that we have a great mom.. great mom in her own ways. It’s not realistic to think you’ll always get along with your moms, but even through those times, we still love them. No matter how much she frustrated me when I was young, she's still my mom and I love her in great deal. She made some sorts of sacrifices in order to give us a more comfortable lifestyle and sent us to a good school.

My parents separated when I was 12 years old, my sister was 6. Mom took effort of catching up and spend time with us atleast 2-3 months a year. Showered us with material things that we needed (and wanted) well that's because she was away --- it's different now that we're together (and closer) lol

Eversince I became a mom, I appreciate her more inspite of my frustrations. I have been in her womb for 9 months, she cared for me and carried me all along.

Anyway, I don't want drama. I love my mom more than anything on this world. She's cool and awesome. She's been always there for us. SHe wasn't there when we were growing up but she's making up for the lost times until now. That's also the reason why Japan has become our second home.

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  1. your mom is a picture of a strong woman sis and pretty pa..thumbs up to your mom..winner sya...

    hawig na hawig ka sa mother mo pero syempre mas pretty ang anak..hehe..


  2. sis ang bata pa ng mama mo tsaka she's a beauty...Mom will always be a mom no matter what. It's their love for us that drives them to do the BEST for us...sabi nga nila you can't fully understand your mom unless you become a mom...

    Happy day to you:)

  3. Parang ang bata naman ng mother mo, at of course beautiful na gaya mo. Ganon yata talaga Mommy Bambie, minsan need mag sacrifice ng mother para sa kanyang mga anak. You will do the same if it was you di ba? I am so glad that you are now making up for the lost times. And your mom did a great job raising you kahit noong bata pa kau eh wala siya, you turned out to be a great person as you can be. Hooray to your Mom!

  4. Hey girl happy mother's day!
    Your mommy looks fabulous as well :)

  5. Really beauty runs in the blood!!!! You are true sis, our mothers are truly the best for us in their own ways. They might not be great for others , but still they love us in her way and carried us 9 months in her womb that lead us to live the life we live today.

  6. your mom is beautiful, just like you at ang bata pa. para lang kayong magkapatid. your mom sacrificed to be away from you to give you comfortable life and I salute her for that. it's not too late to make up for the lost times. siguro panay gimik nyo? sama naman ako, ehehe.

    advance happy mother's, Bambie! mwaaah!

  7. Your mom looks young and cool. You three can be mistaken as sisters :D

  8. wowowow!!! why were you all facing up when God showered the beauty on earth? You got it all!!! hahaha!!!

    well, at least your mom's making up for the lost times, my mom don't and never innitiated... so forget bout her nalang! hahaha!!!

  9. you three are beauties. advance happy mother's day to you and your mom

  10. your mom is gorgeous like you and your sis.may pinagmanahan.

    never estimate what mothers can sacrifice to give us comfortable like.

  11. Your Mom is a strong woman,never mind yung nakaraan na,she has her reason at naintindihan nyo naman--the important is that she's starting from scratch now and making up the lost time.


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