Boracay 2005

To make the long story of our first ever Out of Town TRIP together in the Philippines, I'm gonna make it as simple as possible. I guess some of you have already read about our lovestory (also read here)..

July 2005, I came back home to Philippines with no expectations from him. We were only dating then (6 months)... After 3 weeks, he followed me. It was his first time so I gotta make amazing plans to make a good impression about our beloved country and of course, I want to make his First TRIP memorable ( which I really perfectly did ). I showed him around, introduced the best and worst of PI which he was instantly fallen inlove. Of course, he met my huge number of family -- in short, HE HAD THE BEST VACATION ever..

I took him first to Boracay. Well, we bothe a first time visitor on the Island.

I'm sharing our memorable Boracay photos which give me a nice feeling of Nostalgia everytime I look at them. I wish I took more photos of nice views --not only ourselves lol (di pa ko ganun ka-passionate sa photography during that time...). This is my first entry for Ate Rose's weekly meme, Nostalgia

It was a lil bit cloudy on the first day =(

The Hotel we stayed, Boracay Regency Station 2

At the Bar.. One thing I admire him most is his being so friendly to anyone, especially to the staffs.

During our Island Hopping, with Manang, our super nice tour guide..

On our way home from the Paradise...

Why don't you also dig your photo archives and share them and be nostalgic about them with us every Thursday Isn't it so nice to talk and share about our good memories to the whole wide web?

ANother thing to look forward every Thursday...

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  1. awwwww, one lucky woman!.... love to join wala akong scanner... huhuhu... have a good time Bams..

  2. ang sushal naman at sa Boracay Regency kayo.... you're so sexy dun sa pix sa may Regency..You looks so happy together!

  3. So sexy ever ka pa nito sistah. Well, good thing you didn't take to many pictures of the place or else baka ma divert ang attention ng lavidabs mo sa iba kasi hindi nabantayan kasi busy sa picture picture hehe jok lng. I love boracay, I wish to go back there someday with my family.

  4. What a wonderful times, thanks for sharing your memories...

  5. Thank you so much for joining Bams, I know you are busy. Will read your love story after here since di ko pa nababasa yun heheheh... Ang galing naman ng first visit ng hubs mo at enjoy na enjoy talaga...

    By the way, Nostalgia will not only revolve on old pics, you can also post a picture of any remembrance or souvenir (I am sure dami mo nyan since you love travelling. See you next week, ingat lagi! Give my warm hugs to my princess Anzy (did I say my princess lol.. I hope you don't mind.. love na love ko kasi si Anzy hehehe)

  6. ahhh.. love the photos.. super exciting talaga sa bora.. i wanna stay there for christmas.. baka this year :)

  7. Oh so sweet and cute shots...Mine is up too.

  8. Ganda ng mga pictures nyo...ako kaya kilan maka visit sa Boracay :-)

  9. wow...this is a memorable getaway indeed..plus first time ni hubby mo sa Philippines..for sure very memorable din ito sa kanya...great post for your first nostalgia post sis....i enjoyed reading and looking at the photos...you two made a very perfect couple...

    mine is up too

  10. ganda naman.. at gandang-ganda mo sis Bamz.. super cute! ;-) Thanks for sharing your nostalgia moment sis.. muahh!

    Here's My Nostalgia #1: College Mates, Etc

    See yah.. ;-)


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