Honey Bee...

Just got home from Narita Airport.. My sissy went back home to PI. So sad...

To divert my temporary loneliness, I'll be back to my normal blogging routine lol (that includes bloghopping)..

Now I'm sharing this delicious sweet temptation to you and to foodtrippers ... Belgium Waffles of Honey bee..

Brownie Caramel with Vanilla Topping for me..

Banana and Brownie Caramel for my dear Lil Sissy.....

Honey bee is our favorite cafe when we go shopping at Tachikawa, Tokyo.. They serve yummy waffles. Not only waffles, they have sandwiches, frozen custard, fresh juices, shakes, and many more. No wonder, it's always crowded with female customers...


  1. Kahit yata super depressed ako pag ganyan na ka yummy ang nasa harap ko, biglang alis ng sadness,tingnan pa lang, nakaka saya na, how much more pag kinain. :D
    Happy Friday,Momma Fab!!

  2. Yum, looks healthy for a breakfast!

  3. Wow, nice presentation of the waffles. It does look good and I'm sure it also taste so delicious.

  4. Yumm, this is look so delicious sis. im drooling witht he waffles and the topping on top.

  5. Super attractive ng waffle na yan...haays now I'm craving and it's 12midnight! :D

  6. So yummy waffles... tingin pa lang nakakabusog na. Happy FTF Bambie!

  7. Sure as heck look yummy! Can't believe a simple waffle can be recreated into something as eye appealing as this. My fave now is Japanese crepes. I'll have to look around for Japanese waffles in my city.

  8. it seems ages na since I tasted waffles and this one is sooooo tempting and I'm drooling for one...

  9. I'm craving for waffles now!!So full of temptations!!\(^0^)/

    Welcome back sa ere,Bambie!!

  10. Oi sarap namn nang Belgium waffle mo Bam.. meron pa ba dyan? nahuli ako eh.. sana mn lang kahit kunti.. hehehe.. Happy food trip!

    Here's mine:
    My Food Trip: Buttered Shrimps

    Sowe Bam, now lang ako naka-blog hop.. muahhh!

  11. Hummm..it looks so yummy!


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