I'm the poorest blogger...

Let's just say that I'M ON-LEAVE financially. I would regard myself as a workaholic for 3 years. I've earned enough money to renovate our house in PH, buy myself a brand new car, and enroll myself to a Japanese Learning school. If not from my mom and my late stepfather, I wouldn't have the opportunity to stay here in Japan and find a decent job that pays nth times from the normal wage that I would earn in the Philippines.

Maybe I was overwelmed with my salary that I let myself enjoyed the rewards of my hard work everytime I come home to Philippines for 3-5 months vacation. I guess I enjoyed so much that there came a time when I asked myself "what was I thinking?!!!" then... I should've listen to the oldies. I should've invested on the properties that do not depreciate. There have been "I should've" things in my mind during the first year of being a PAL (u know what pal is? lol).

However, I don't regret spending all my money even if I am now the poorest girl in the blogospere. I was single, young and had the right to be selfish lol. I helped my family. I splurged. I rewarded myself. I enjoyed so much.

Fast forward today, I enjoy being a stay at home, a houseworkaholic lol.

I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband who is supportive to me eversince, and is such a good provider. He's not a big time businessman but he never stop helping my family in some ways that even my Dad would sometimes tells him to stop. We never argue about money. He pays my credit card without asking how much I spent --I'm not that magastos naman and my outlook on how to spend money has already changed. As much as possible, I don't spend much with worthless and expensive things.

I collect coins and trying to save little by little. I go to my Mom's Mom Inlaw to help atleast twice a week or whenever she needs my assistance (she lives nearby). I never asked for money in return but she always insists to give me allowance which has become constant for months now.

Besides enjoying personal blogging, bloghopping, chatting, FBing, etc, I would really like to try earning online just like most of the bloggers do but I don't have much time to sit longer infront of my computer.

I'm thinking of going back to work next year or next 2 years.. depends....


  1. hahaha, i know what PAL means sis. those were the days, sis. you just enjoyed your life being single. you're very lucky for having a good provider husband.

    happy GT!

  2. Hi Bambie!

    Don't be too hard on yourself dearie. It doesn't matter if you're the "poorest blogger" as long as you're with your family 24/7. I actually envy you. I really would want to become a stay-at-home-mom and be there for my daughter all day long. Unfortunately, Hubby and I can't afford it. I don't have a choice but help Hubby secure our family financially. Enjoy all the moments you get to spend with your family. :)

    Lots of love,

  3. you're the best mom to anzee, and that alone is super okay na no. pahinga ka daw muna. pag malaki n nga si anzu, saka ka na lng balik sa work, since hindi ka naman ata inooblige ni hubby to work. enjoy your little one muna :)

    see ya next week fab momma! ;)

  4. You're lucky to have a good provider husband at kahit di ka man nagta-trabaho,nandyan naman cya to tend to you and your family's financial needs di bah?Just enjoy your life as a mom,maswerte pa rin tayong mga nanay na nasa bahay lang--araw-araw nating kasama ang mga anak natin.Ang SIL ko nga is envy of me kasi ako halos ang nagbantay ng anak nya( kay Yuina) nung nakatira pa kami sa bukid habang cya,nagta-trabaho.Kaya naiintindihan ko rin ang feeling ng mga working moms.


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