I love My Body

I'm one of those girls who feels so big when others don't agree. I really think I've become big when I gave birth. My XS size is now M. My 23cm shoe size has become 23.5 cm. My waistline -- nevermind. I have alot of denims that are waiting to be worn again.

Nonetheless, I'm still proud of my body even if I rarely get to pamper it anymore. I love every part of my body even if they're not perfect.

Talking about which part of my body I love most, I guess that would be my EYES and my LIPS which I also consider as my sexiest part...

How about you? WHat do you think of your physical self?

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  1. I totally agree with you that the sexiest parts of your body are your eyes and your lips. Kaya naman head over heels ang hubby mo sa iyo, lol. Pero palagay ko ay very sexy din ang legs mo. In fact I could honestly say that you are one of the sexiest and most glamorous girls I have known in bloglandia, lol. Nakakatuwang nadagdagan pa yung mga assets mo na yan nang pagiging faithful, generous at thoughtful mo sa mga friends mo. Indeed you are one in a million. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Is that a red lipstick that you are wearing in the photo?WOW! Not many women can wear one and look as amazing as you *thumbs up* And your eyes are stunning dearie :) Brown is my fav colour for eyes ;) I love what you wrote :) Just keep on loving yourself the way you are and then others will love you too <3 ~mwah

  3. hi sissy! you look so beautiful and fabulous inside and out... ;-)

  4. That is the photo of a killer. Sexy lips and beautiful eyes sis. Hot hot hot! :)

  5. Twin! Pareho tayo!!! Yung xs ko naging M na dn hahhahaha

  6. don't worry, M is not big, ganda ;) and i agree, you have lovely eyes and lips

  7. Pretty Mommy! Pareho pala tayo. From XS naging M na rin ako after I gave birth to my daughter. I don't mind the increase in size though because people used to tell me how thin I was. Ngayon medyo payat na lang. LOL. Still trying to gain a few more pounds. :)

    Lots of love,

  8. I have to agree! You have beautiful eyes and lips...

  9. super agree with the lips being your sexiest body part! my gosh you should be a lipstick model!

    see ya this thursday! ;)

  10. I love your eyes and lips--pang cover model ang dating!
    siguro pag di ko pa pinansin ang size ko baka nga maging large ako!(T_T)

  11. I love your eyes and lips!Pang cover model ng magazine ang dating!^_^
    pag di ko pa pinansin ang katawan ko,malamang magiging large na ako(T_T)

  12. I love your eyes and lips too.. expressive yong eyes mo at napaka clear. gusto ko shape lips mo hehehe...


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