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My Birthday and my cake...

It's already a week since the day we celebrated my 28th Birthday in simple and intimate way. Honey pretty much did an effort of throwing a "not-so-suprised party" for me on a Cafe and Bar Restaurant. He reserved the private room for us, packaged with a dinner course for 6 persons and "drink all you can" beverages, such as fresh juices, sodas, cocktails and liquors.. YEAH that includes a variety of cocktails and liquors. No wonder, I had enough lol.

The main surprise was the birthday cake. Actually I knew I would have one, a but I was surprised of how the staff presented me their special cake that is made for me.

Birthday music turned on, lights were turned off, then the CAKE made its grand entrance. Of course, birthday song was sung once more and I made a alot of wishes before blowing off the candles.

Trust me, it's delicious. I think the most delicious cake I ever taste.

My favorite way to spend my birthday is, of course, with my loved ones and friends around me and everyone is happy.

(read more here --->My 28th Birthday

watch my music video.. thanks so much po..

To Mommy Willa, our dear host of Foodtrip and THE FOODTRIPPERS who greeted me on my birthday.


I'd also like to thank....

for their time and unexpected effort of posting a Birthday Greetings for me in their respective blogs, no matter how busy they were.. THANK SO MUCH

THank You also to all those who remembered my birthday.. Thanks so MUCH


  1. sis i like the way you celebrated your bday...with just your closest family...sarap ng cake mo ha kahit sa picture lang tingnan..anong flavor? sarap tumikim:)

  2. Hi Bams. Di rin kita nakalimutan. Happy Birthday ulit mommy fab! Tsalap ng cake. :)

  3. A belated happy birthday. your cake is oozing with goodness!

  4. Wow, love the video Bams.. Parang ang sarap ng feeling pag lahat ng family mo andyan ano...

    I am late with my entry. Spice up your Life

  5. look nice and yummy cake:) grattis bam:) many here loves you:)godbless!

  6. Belated Happy birthday again. Glad to know you had a blast!

  7. That is one yummy and nice looking cake; happy bday again!

  8. Very nice video sis. I enjoyed it. Super ganda nyong mag-sister. Bagay ang sparkling headbands at hanep sa mga pose.

    Ay.. guarddddddd. Baket may nakapasok na menor de edad sa bar? Palabasin si Anzy. Ngayon den!!!!!!

    Haha. Joke lang po. Love you Anzy. Muah :)

  9. wow , how sweet naman hubby mo sis hehehe.. belated happy birthday :)

  10. I bet the cake's so yummy!!I also love the cake presentation--memorable sa yo ang birthday mo coz your sister was also there to celebrate on your special day^_^ napanood ko na ang music vid mo,pinanood ko uli ngayon--ang ganda kasi!

    God bless you more dear!Again,Happy Birthday!^_^

  11. Panalo yung cake mo... I can tell you had so much fun nung birthday mo...

    blowing peachkisses
    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Bambie dear. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. May the Lord grant you all of your heart's desires. I'm so happy for you my friend that your life in Japan with your darling Anzu has been blessed by God so abundantly. It is nice that you are grateful for all the blessings you received from the Lord. I join with your multitude of friends, relatives and loved ones in once again greeting you the very best Birthday of your life. God bless you all always.

  13. You are very much welcome sis bamz. Pwedi penge ng cake mo, ang tsarap niyan.

  14. belated happy bday po..hihih wow tga angeles rin po pla kayo , tga angeles rin ako..hahaha galing nman po,prang konte lang po tayong kapampangan bloggers ne?

  15. wow!!! ang ganda ganda ng video... parang enjoy na enjoy mo talaga ang iyong 28th bday, mommy bambs... and you don't look 28 at all... so brag about it and be proud! hehe...

    Happy Birthday again... sarap ng cake!!! MINE'S HERE

  16. Belated happy birthday to you, ms Bambie :) ang sarap naman ng cake mo :D

  17. I'm a May celebrant too. mine is every 23rd. kaya pala pareho tayong maganda :D

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  18. kahit late na... i like to greet you a happy (belated) birthday!
    looks like you enjoyed your special day... and the cake, looks yummy! :)
    happy birthday!

  19. Happy happy birthday to one of my most gorgeous blogger friend!Ü

    I'm sorry I greeted you a little late as I had been absent in the blogosphere for quite a while.

    Anyway, more happiness and longer years to come!
    *hugs and lots of love from your blogger friend, Peach Ü


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