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Heartful Cake

These are not cookies but Pancakes... made with so much love for.... my honeyb, as "father's day" midnight snack for my lil kawaii prinsesa, as meryenda =) I always wish I could bake real and tempting cakes like what Ate Clang and my other girl friends do... I can try to bake but I don't have time and equipments ( yet ) lol

What's inside my bag?

Which bag I use and what are the things I bring depend on where I go and whom I am going with. This bag is the one I brought last tuesday. It was my lil dolly's pre-school day and our leisure bonding time too. I got 2 bag organizers given by my girlfriend Lea (the pink one for anzu's stuff), and my mom's father In Law (the orange for my personal things) SO here's what inside my 2 bag organizers... diapers, wipes, tooth care, sunblock, etc coin purse, sunblock, shades What's yours?

Cafe De Crie

I think I'm loving Cafe de Crie located my favorite shopping mecca, Tachikawa City where my little girl Azumi is having her pre-school class every tuesday. We've been here thrice since it was recently opened last month. It's one of the trendy cafes here in Tokyo/Japan. I love their original blend coffee beverages, toasted sandwiches, Danish sandwiches, pastas and desserts. Here's what I ordered for 3 consecutive tuesdays lol Mocha Blended Sorbege, Fuwa Fuwa Tamago Sandwich (danish soft egg), Meat Pasta, and Chocolate Cream Cake If there is anything that isn't Starbucks that is better than Starbucks will be Cafe de Crie

What's inside my wallet?

Well this is my favorite wallet and I think it's lucky. BUT lately, I don't bring it as often as I used to -- maybe my subconcious mind doesn't want to abuse its luckiness lol.. I always bring the coin purse instead coz it's not bulky. Inside my wallet are lots of cards... credit card atm card point cards from different malls and boutiques Omamori ( Japanese : お守り, o-mamori ) - a Japanese amulets or goodluck charm Alien registration (外国人登録, gaikokujin tōroku) Medical card pictures No money but coins

Scarf and Sandals

A very good friend of mine surprised me again with this lovely gift, Spring Scarf and equally fashionable sandals, plus a Birthday card, as her birthday present for me. I never expected this and I thought it was too much. BUT then, I so love them. Mom even wanted to use it first, and so as my sister, as soon as I opened the gift. We were about to go for our BBq Party when Mr. Postman came by to deliver it. Just right in time. I was really surprised and got thrilled. I was actually planning to buy a spring scarf the day before to protect me from the heat of the sun during the BBQ Party. Who would've thought a wonderful present has just waiting for me.. THANK YOU my friend, my idol.. Whatta a wonderful thing to start a great and fun day. The scarf just gave an accent to my black outfit during the party... i love it.. Who needs a pretty face when you've got a nice Scarf? Who needs a sexy feet when you have a fabulous sandals? I DO! It would be a great if I ha

36 months...

A morning surprise from honeyb on our 36th month of a happy married life, 6/11/2010 Roses can be a perfect way to express how much you truly love someone. And that SUnflower-like means peace according to him. May we have a peaceful and more blissful life this year and the coming years... I can still remember the first time he gave me a bouquet of roses. I was overjoyed.

The Vain In Me

I was a vain person. If wanting to look good and to feel good is vain, then I am still pretty vain.. I guess every girl or woman is vain to some degree. I spend more time getting ready in front of a mirror, re-changing clothes, digging out different shoes, etc. etc. than putting making up and styling my hair. Eyeliners and foundation are enough to make me beautiful. I don't usually wear lipstick nor lipgloss. I don't put blush on. I noticed that I no longer care if I have a mirror in my purse or bag anymore. In my vanity kit: Bare Mineral foundation set, Kate make up, eyeliners, mascara, and Kanebo7s BB Cream (thanks sis)

Happy Birthday Fab Roses

I wouldn't want to miss this day without posting a virtual greeting to these two Roses who are celebrating their birthdays today. Ate Rose , one of my favorite mommy bloggers that I adore so much, especially the way she takes care of her family -her cutie and adorable kids that I want to take photos with someday, and her goodlooking husband that seems to have the most perfect smile.. I love her because she has been there all the time, together with other fab mommas online, watching my lil girl grow with me, and she has shared so much about her life that inspire me somehow to become a better mom that I am.. I'm happy that she created a meme called Nostalgia --please join us every thurs =) Visit her sites: Nostalgic Marveling , Spice Up Your Life , Etc Etc , Obstacles and Glory Same with Mommy Rossel. . I'm always been anticipating to her sharings esepcially about her motherhood experiences with her pretty daughter RJ.. She's one of the nicest mommy bloggers I know. Vis

My Daddy Yo!

We may be unlucky to have been grown up in a broken family, without a mom by our side during our growing up years for some reasons that we fully understand and accepted, but we're so lucky, SO LUCKY and BLESSED to have a father like our Dad who's surrounded by supportive family and friends who have also been there to look after us, showered us with love and care. I never realized how our Dad ever love us so much when I become a mom. I can still remember all the things that we've been through -- thick and thin, good times and bad times -- and I love talking about them with Honeyb over and over. He's one of our favorite subject. Well according to my hubby, I'm more like him. At first I denied the similarities, but now I'm kinda loving what we share in common. We're cool, friendly, responsible parent, down-to-earth, cowboy, walk-out king and queen, happy-go-lucky (but i retired from that), not kuripot, open minded, matured, and a lot more that you'll

Beef and Chicken Combo

This is the dish I ordered at our favorite American Restaurant in Minato Mirai Yokohama Beef and Chicken Combo which I think is a Mexican dish... It was my first time to order this --and I won't share this to my fellow foodtrippers if it wasn't taste good. This is how you eat this.... Looks like Shawarma huh? Taste something like that actually...

On my SHower Loot....

Girls, these are my companions whenever I take a bath... Thumbs up for Shiseido's new Tsubaki Head Spa which I'm currently using. I've been using Tsubaki, particularly the Shining Version for quite awhile. I love its smell and it leaves your hair soft and shiny, like no other shampoo have done before. You'll feel the difference in a matter of days. And these are my beauty regimen after bath... Softymo's Collagen for face cleansing wash (alternately using the white version), CHerry blossom lotion, Detclear facial peeling gel, and magic cream =)