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Happy Birthday Willa ♥ Yami ♥ Kikamz

I just want to send my virtual Happy Birthday greetings to 3 of the fab mommas online birthday celebrants.. Momma Willa (April 29, 2010) Smart Mommy ♥ Fickleminded ♥ Foodtrip Friday the smart and fabulous host of my favorite meme every friday, Food Trip Friday and a loving mother of two handsome and adorable boys has celebrated her birthday yesterday, APril 29, 2010.. Her birthday was yesterday.. not too late for my greeting post... Momma Yami (April 30, 2010) Pen, Paper, pan ♥ Mom Writes for A Cause One of the awesome and nicest mommy bloggers I know. I'm sure I would learn a lot from her about parenting if I get the chance to chat with her. Momma Kikamz (April 30, 2010) Just About Anything ♥ Samantha's Own ♥ In His Steps One of my sisters online whom I admire so much. Wish they were still here in Japan because I would definitely come to see them, especially her cutie and smarty dolly, Samantha... I would definitely join her weekly movie meme, Tuesday Couch POtato o

Seafood Course

Just got back from our 2-day out of town get-away (we went to Chiba Ken). We had a great time, especially yours truly. The Hot Spring hotel we stayed served the greatest fresh Seafood Course I've ever had. I should've asked for a white wine instead red... It was another great food experience for me... HAPPY Food Trip Friday!

Pigging Out

WE'VE been pigging out almost everyday eversince my sissy arrived here two weeks ago! Dad's home cooked food were all eaten the next day she arrived.... and then there were OUt of blue drive thrus, midnight snacks, dining out.... I wonder how many kilos I gained? The last 4 days were also a total dining pigging out --- No matter how much I want to resist, I couldn'T =( sunday - chinese buffet dinner monday - seafood galore tuesday -carnivorous meals and yesterday, WEDNESDAY -good time with friends MORE TO GO waahhhh! Somebody stop me from eating please!!! more pigging out sessionaires here


One of the many many things that I LOVE ABOUT JAPAN is their photobooth which is called PURIKURA . They're mostly found in game arcades.. What makes PURIKURA different from other photobooths? You have 160 seconds (or more) to tap into your creativeness and make your own decorations with the different glittery designs and frames that are available in the editing corner.. Result? NICE AND Fab ulous print... P U R I K U R A | プリクラ | the J ★ POP culture Just look at the background.. the glitters... and our eyes and skin lol.. Aren't they cute? Puri-kura is short for "purinto kurabu" (Japanese pronunciation for "Print Club"). The term is actually a registered trademark, and refers to the photo booths where pictures are taken and the postage stamp-sized pictures the booths produce. Most of the pictures are printed out as stickers and used to liven up cell phones, notebooks, anything that will take a sticker.( read more )


One of the fab mommas online is celebrating her birthday today, and of course, I don'T wanna end this day without sending my warm greetings to her thru this precious page of mine . She's one of my dear good ol friends who I admire so much. I love her style of being simple but still carries the elegance. I love reading her blogs especially her fashion blog and of course, updates about his cutie and smarty little boy, Hyzyd , who's same age as my lil girl.. I really hope to meet them in person someday.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENE visit her sites.... The Fashion Explorer Her and History Tasty Exploration Adventures with Hyzyd Away from Home Teaching Moments

Midnight Snack

Have I already told you that my dear lil sis in here in Tokyo? When she's here, it means "FUN". ALthough we can't go out anytime anymore like we used to (because of lil Anzu lol), but still we drive around to buy something for midnight snack... and tonight, inspite of a cold rainy night, her wish is our command -we went out to just satisfy her cravings for..... STARBUCKS!!! HAPPY Food Trip Friday!

Food i choose first on a buffet

Who doesn't love buffets? Especially if it's Chinese Foods Buffets? Or maybe a varity of cuisines that are waiting for you to be picked? Whenever we eat on a buffet restaurant or hotel, we usually take a walk around the buffet table first and check out what is there to offer. Sometimes my cravings suddenly changes when I smell the food lol... I usually try to pick everything in small pieces and enjoy the sumptious meal --and then go back for a second plate, enjoy ---then go back again for a third plate (which I've been saving a bit from the start) and enjoy picking up those variety of tempting desserts.. WHATTA CALORIE OVERLOAD but indeed satisfying. However, to answer this week's theme of which food I usually pick up first on a buffet? Well maybe the first thing I always pick up first is the Meat (roast beef, or chicken dishes) because I'm a carnivore lol.. more buffet lovers here

BC Bloggers, Let's Start The Partey!!!

I'm loving Paula dear more for her marvelous idea of this.. I gained instant ol friends in a click lol.. I can't wait to bloghop and get to know them even for a bit.. Looking forward to see them in person someday =) Wouldn't you wanna know them too? If you're in the mood for bloghopping, hop on here.... Paula - A certified BC blogger - wife, mother, employee, blogger all rolled into one. AC - A proud work-at-home mom and wife. Bambie --- Living a blissful and simple life in a fast paced city of tokyo with her Love and lil bundle of joy, Azumi. Loves anything kawaii and fabulous things. Bambie/Sunshine - blogging to let you take a sneak peak into a world that is MINE. This is me, the real me. No hesitations, no presumptions, no holding back. I'm sharing my heart to you, no-holds barred. Beng - A busy working mom of 2 handsome boys, Financial Analyst by profession. Cacai M. - a Stay-At-Home-Wife and blogging is my passion. I am happy when people are happy. I vi

I Love Mother Earth

I'd like to acknowledge fabmomma Jac of Mom's Special Diary , for hosting this TAG for a cause of reminding each one of us that we should take our part of protecting and saving Mother Earth from the harms that we people had created. I'm thankful that I had to get accustomed to a life of recycling after growing up in the Philippines where I would just throw anything crap in a trashcan... I feel guilty coz I did throw something from a window of our car few times when I was young =( I THINK I'M CONTRIBUTING ENOUGH TO SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH because.... 1. Our garbage is separated into combustible (burnable), non-combustible (non burnable) and recyclable materials. It's a requirement in our city. It was tough at first but getting used to it was really a fulfillment. 2. I use Ecobags as much as possible to lessen our plastic collection lol 3. Before, I blowdry my hair every after bath, but now, I don't --only when I have to.. SOmetimes I use electric fan

Twenties Girl....

My dear lil sis is in town! That's why I'm so busy that I couldn'T even get online longer (than the usual).. I've got so many stories to share but I don't wanna bore anyone here lol. BUT let me share you one of her pasalubongs she brought for me.. Actually this is from one of my very best girl friends, Lei who's been my friend since highschool.. I MISS HER though... The fabulous new novel titled Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella ....... I have been a fan of Sophie Kinsella since the day my gurl friend Lei, insisted on reading the first Shopaholic book to me. I've been like a whole bookworm for a couple of weeks, reading SHOPAHOLIC series books. I'm not a book person but I really got hooked with Rebecca Bloomwood lol.. SO now, I'm saving this "Twenties Girl" for our Out of Town Get away next week ..... WAIT, if you're curious what this book is all about, watch the animated trailer, created to promote Sophie's fabulous stand alone n

Getting To Know Me

I'd like to introduce myself to BC Bloggers and to everyone who's following this precious site of mine. SO here I'm reblogging my "About Me" page (edited) to let you know a little info about myself. I also want to acknowledge Paula for this wonderful and exciting BC Blogger Getting To know Party =) Im Bambie, 27, currently living a happy, and simple life in the fast paced city of Tokyo, Japan. I started blogging when I was pregnant. I had to stop working so I pre-occupied myself with pregnancy scrapbooks and thought that it would be nice to have an online journal, specifically about my pregnancy. I just thought that I needed to have an online baby book so that my busy friends and family in different parts of the world could have a medium of getting updates about my baby girl (who are all more excited to see my baby than me lol) but yeah, blogging could be really addictive especially when you have regular readers who keep on inspiring you in some way. I never i

I'm full

We just had dinner at my cousin's house... and there, I forgot all about my "1 cup rice only" coz I think I ate alot... so yummy, she and her hubby cooked for us.. more yummy and tempting foods here

when we watch movies together...

We used to go out on a movie date almost every FRIDAY, last full show, with popcorns, nachos and beverages. We've been to different movie theaters, and I think my favorite is We never dared to watch during weekends because of the crowd. He was my MOvie Buddy. We like the same genre - adrenaline pumping, spy, comedy except "girly" movies which I love to watch so much lol. But still he would accompany me even if he doesn't like the film. I think the last girly film we watched together was Sex and The City. We also love renting dvds. We were once became hooked with 24 and Prisonbreak. We would watch 5 dvds the whole night, with loads of snacks reachable by our hands lol.. I miss those stressful nights when I couldn't wait to watch the next episodes. Now that we're fairly busy persons, we rarely rent movies to watch together. I'm currently addicted to Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and The Hills (watching alone with my snacks huhu) I miss going out on a mov


One of the fab mommas online is celebrating her birthday today The smart and fab momma behind the latest link exchanges craze's secret, BC bloggers (so glad I'm IN) and now the upcoming bloggers' party is about to hit the www . She's also expecting her second lil bundle of joy -- great blessing.. Happy Birthday sis.. SO glad to know you online and I hope to meet you soon in person.... Visit her site, Mommy Diary , to greet and know more about her...

expensive food

Honey took me to Hotel New Otani Makuhari as one of his Christmas Surprises during our first few months of dating, that was Dec 2005 and it was our first Christmas together and my first time to celebrate Christmas in Japan, away from my dear loveones in the Philippines =( He's knows how much I wanted to go home but I just can't due to my studies so I think he just had to make those surprises to fill the loneliness in me.. Anyway, we had a fine course dinner at a French restaurant inside the hotel and the bill came out to over 100 bucks a person which I learned only after few months ( syempre pa-girl pa ko nun, i don't ask how much he pays ) That was the most expensive so far and it was indeed a great experience for me who wasn't used of eating in a fancy resto -- i was a food chain eater until I met my honey who introduced me to different kinds of foods/cuisine. (sorry i don't have a photo of our dinner course, di pa ko mahilig mamicture ng mga foods nun lol)

Marc Jacobs' Bag in Bag

ah ha! Yours truly went to TSUTAYA - famous video rental + bookstore chain in Japan, last week. AND THERE, while waiting in line to pay for my dvd rent, fashion magazines far right beside me caught my attention. It wasn't the cover girls, but the FREEBIES lol.. So the impulsive and lady gaga of me got excited and walked out from the line to check those tempting magazines for April. Of all the magazine with freebies, I chose Can Cam's May 2010 Issue Magazine because I was so pleased that the mag came with a little Marc by Marc Jacobs mini tote. YIHEE!! Measuring about 19 cm (length) x 7 cm (width) x 15 cm (height) There's a few pockets inside for your mobile and/or anything.. So here's what it's like -- I think it's designed to be like "your bag's mini bag"... SO here, my bag looks more organized. AND it won't take much time if I wanted to change bags. I really can't remember the last time I bought a magazine but I used to buy fashion maga

So Vivid ♥

One of the things I love about spring.... BLOOMING FLOWERS, in vivid colors...