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Happy New Year To the FABS

Happy New Year from FAB Momma (wannabe lol). I hope you have someone you love nearby that you can snuggle with this New Year’s. I know I’ll be keeping my two favorites as close as possible!


One of the FAB moms online is celebrating her precious birthday today. Her babyblog is one of my favorite pitstop online coz i get to read updates about her lovely and adorable kids. I may be busy today but I won't let this day ends without extending my happy birthday greetings to her thru here...

Yakitori, Oyter Katsu et al

It's been awhile. I missed posting a Foodtrip entry for several weeks. Ive got loads of yummy photos to share but this week, I'm sharing this... A Japanese Chicken barbecue which is called YAKITORI (upper left) Breaded fried Oyster or Oyter Katsu (upper right) Oppps, I dont know what I should call the dish at the center. I just saute the pork strips and eggplant with a chinese oyster sauce and served it with Lettuce. Not bad =)

On Shopping (before and after marriage)

What i love and admire most about my honey hide is his generosity. He's never been or would have been a KURIPOT. Never an instance in our 4 years of being together that I heard him saying "expensive huh?". Even the first time we hanged out, our table was filled with foods and drinks. He would  always ask me or my friends if we need more.. I even find him so mayabang then, trying to impress me. On our dates, sometimes I would hear him whispering "yasui"(cheap) when he pays the bill while I was always surprised (and sometimes nanghihinayang) to see how much he paid. Of course, I dont tolerate expensive dinners nor any pricey things anymore especially now we already have a kid. Although sometimes, we treat ourselves a fine dinner outside inspite of being also affected by global economic crisis. About shopping. When we were still dating and eventually become steady, I never asked money for shopping. There were times that he insisted to give me shopping moolah


One of the fab mommas online is celebrating her birthday today with her Loveones She's one of the bloggers that I admire so much. Most of her posts are related to parenting and kids, which moms can learn so much. Her Word Filled Wednesdays fills our day with a positive outlook. Of course, the  every mom's favorite task online is her Mommy MOments . That's my favorite meme too. I met a lot of good mommy bloggers thru her weekly meme. I could share more good things about her but I might take too much of your time so visit her inspirational blogs instead and If you're a mom, join us every friday and share your Mommy MOments with us.


I think we are over the JEALOUS thingie. But I shouldn't be so assured. My life revolves around my hubby, my baby and my family here, in short, my current social life is zero lol. Seriously, I think Im not the jealous type, or maybe I am one lucky lady coz my bf and now my hubby never gave me a reason to be jealous. There was a time I was teasing him, acting like a jealous wifey (but im not really) like "uyyy, i think you're not really watching the news, but the newscaster instead.." --- I was just teasing him then coz he watches news every 10pm and watch the next news on the other channel aired every 11:30pm (with a beautiful newscaster). Instead of laughing back at my joke, he just answered me with a serious tone "it's not funny..". .. and then the next night, he didn't watched the 11:30 news lol. I made hirit again, "how come you're not watching the news?" , then his answer was "tsumaranai koto iu kara!" --only A.Seiko

Meet My Parents

I have lots of fun photos with my family and relatives. I grew up in a huge number of family. Just imagine how fun it was growing up with all of my cousins which I grouped into 3 Generations lol.. My dad is the fifth child among the eleven children of my Grannies (that's why) Anyway, I just want you to meet my loving parents, Mum and Dad.. Oopps don't be confused.. They are just friends but I believe the love will always be there. They are happy with their life now, that's what matters most.

Sweet 53rd month

Lately my Honey Hide is extra sweet lol.. Just last month, he surprised me by coming home with a Pink flower for our 52nd monthsary as a couple. And this month, he came home with this lovely yellow flower... I didn' expected this.

Kiss and Make UP

The time we had our first LQ , I had to be the one to say sorry even If I didn't do anything wrong. He was mad but I think I made him even more mad when I acted being mad as well lol. Well I was always like that even in my past relationships ( parang reverse psychology but it didn't worked to him ). That time I realized I might loose him. Kaka-start pa lang kasi namin and he's supposed to enjoy his first visit in the Philippines. SO when he was packing all his things, I begged and said I was soooo sorry while crying so hard lol..and yeah, I got him and the rest is history....... (haha) During our first year as couple, whenever we argue ( over some petty things), he's always calm, serious and willing to talk after the tension. While me, I don't talk and I don't listen. I was immature when it comes to this... I actually hate confrontations. I usually walk out to avoid serious conversations. When I can't walk out, my voice gets louder and hysterrical

My Birthday

I was born on May 13, 1982 in Angeles City Pampanga.. Nothing special about my birthday lol. Well it was a special day for my parents and relatives because I was safely given birth by a normal delivery. I had a big brother who was born lifeless 2 years prior my birth year. No one knew what was the cause of his death.. I never met him but there's something in me that longs for him. I remember, when I was a kid, every birthday I would secretly wish he was here. I was really longing for a Kuya although I grew up surrounded by a lot of guy cousins who treated me like their real sister. Anyway, I feel that I am getting old. Just thinking about rounding off my age, scares me. I don't know why. I'll be 30 in two years, yak! (no offense meant, its just me who's scared of getting old). Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. I still really feel it was like only a year ago when I was 22. More Birthdays from the GT here

Kids that I love So Much

One of the many many things that I miss in the Philippines is the noisy environment... Not the noisy streets but the giggles, laugh, and the loud voices of the kids in our house, or in any house of a family, especially on special occassions.. My nephews, nieces, cousins, even my brother and sister are all over the place... And this slide shows the kids that I love... Yes I have a lil brother and a sister in my father's side. Actually I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers in my dad's side. Im not ashame to tell you that 5 of them are my half siblings.. Well my Dad is always the Ladies' Man especially during his time lol. He's not that good looking but I guess he's oozing with sex appeal lol or maybe he has qualities that women falls inlove with... What I am proud about my dad is he never left his responsiblities and obligations on the mothers of his children. He's a good person despite of being weak among women. Maybe that is why he' still fr