Fresh Oyster

Posted by Azumi's Mom ★ at 1:59 AM

I've never eaten raw oyster anywhere else other than here in Japan. It's big, yummy and I'm sure it's clean and fresh, as in fresh...

I never had raw oysters before because I was scared to try them. The first time I tried them was just late last year (i can't remember). It was really good.

Never judge a book by its cover.

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Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

Posted by Azumi's Mom ★ at 1:02 AM

It's been pretty much quite a while since the last time I joined this Saturday.. I'm in the mood to answer 9 questions..

So here goes.. I hope you read it and feel free to answer them seperately in your own page ;)

Saturday 9: Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

1. When was the last time you cried?
I literally cried over a drama series, Magkaribal (Philippines' ramatoprating drama series).. The character of Manuel and Victoria always make me cry lol

2. If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent, what would it be?
HOW I WISH... I'd love to have a talent in singing

3. Who is someone (other than yourself) would you like to go back into your past and talk to and why?
My late stepfather who passed away 3 years ago. I want to thank him for eveything he has done for us.

4. What is your favorite meal eating out?
Dinner :) or lunch

5. Do you feel energized or drained by being in a group situation? If the answer is "it depends," on what does it depend?
It depends on who are in the group..

6. What word do you use far too frequently?
Oh my gosh!

7. What’s a word you’ve invented? (alternate question: What needs a word but doesn’t have one yet?)
I actually have (unintentionally) invented few words in several situations but I can't remember

8. Pick out one of your favorite songs. Go to Song Facts and tell us about the song's history.
Currently LSS (last song syndrome) to
Biggest Part of Me by Ambrosia
This Soft Rock hit is about a guy whose woman is the center of his life. (thanks, Mike - santa barbara, CA)

9. What is your absolute favorite piece of furniture you have and why?
BED of course, no need to explaine why

DO you want answering questions too? join here.. 9 questions varies every Saturday


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